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Karlstad 2014

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august 22-24 2014 
welcomes You

Spoken word will be English

Karlstad 2014. Spoken word will be english

International Faculty

Giovanni Botti, Italy


Jan Öivind Moskaug, Norway


Lisbet R. Hömlich, Denmark


Per Heden, Sweden


Hillkka Pietoniemi, Finland


Preliminary Program, SFEP 2014

Friday August 22

11.00  Registration, Heléne Fägerblad SFEP Coordinator

12.00-13.00 Lunch, exhibition hall


13.00-13.05 Opening of the meeting: Birgit Stark, President

13.05-13.30 Presentation of sponsors

Breast Surgery Moderator Brigit Stark, Sweden

13.30-14.30 Giovanni Botti, Italy 

Mastopexy and breast augmentation

14.30-15.00 Lisbeth R Hölmich, Denmark

Complications after breast surgery- breast implant ruptures. The SCENIHR study



15.15-15.45  Coffee, exhibition hall

My way in breast augmentation Moderator Per Alberius, Sweden

15.45-16.00 Johan Nordquist, Sweden

Breast augmentation, endoscopic approach

16.00-16.20 Jan B Wieslander, Sweden  

Breast aug axillary incision in 910 cases - reconstruction tubular breast in one session

16.20-16.35 Dan Fagrell, Sweden

Periarolar technique

16.35-16.50 Mikael Olenius, Sweden

Breast Aug, choice of implants, approach & surg technique

16.50-17.00 Discussion

17.00 – 18.00 General Assembly

18.00 – 18.30 Paolo Montemurro, Sweden

The importance of selecting the right implant height and how to avoid problems in difficult cases.

19.30 Drink, in Exhibition Hall

20.00 Dinner, in ”Franska salen”

Saturday, August 23

8.15 Registration, Heléne Fägerblad SFEP Coordinator

Face Surgery Moderator Disa Lidman, Sweden

8.40-9.00   Jan B Wieslander, Sweden

The Vertical SMAS Suspension Face Lift (VSS-techn). A five year follow-up

9.00-10.00    Giovanni Botti, Italy 

My face-lifting approach after 25 years of experience including lower face and neck rejuvenation



10.30-11.00 Coffee, exhibition hall

Periorbital Surgery Moderator Jonas Röjdmark, Sweden

11.00-11.45 Giovanni Botti, Italy

Canthopexies: the effective techniques, combination with midface lift and fat grafting

11.45-12.15 Per Hedén, Sweden

Fat grafting vs. Fat transposition in Lower Lid Surgery



12.30–13.30 Lunch, exhibition hall

Fat transfer: Basic Science and Clinical experiences

Moderators Jan Öivind Moskaug, Norway and Fredrik Gewalli, Sweden

13.30-13.45 Fredrik Gewalli, Sweden

Survey: Fat transfer in Scandinavia

13.45-14.00 XX to be announced

14.00-14.30 Jan Öivind Moskaug, Norway

Stem cells - Scientific and Clinical experiences

14.30-15.00 Giovanni Botti, Italy

Fat grafting to the face, 25 years of experience

15.00-15.30 Coffee and presentation of the winner of the Exhibition contest

15.30- 16.00 Hilkka Peltoniemi, Finland

Fat transplantation to the breast

16.00-16.15 Amin Kalajii el al, Norway

Aesthetic breast enlargement using autologus fat transfer

16.15-16.30 Panel on fat transfer and stem cell transplantation 

Free papers

16.30-16.40 Anadi Begic et al, Norway

The Telemark scale: Towards a Standardized Method for Evaluation of Cosmetic Results After Reconstruction of the Breast

16.40-16.50 Anadi Begic, Birgit Stark, Norway&Sweden

Secondary breast reonstruction on irradiated patients, DIEP or fat transplantation - review of early complications

16.50-17.00  xx

17.00-17.30  Fredrik Gewalli, Sweden

V-Soft face lift, QuickFix on Patients demand. Industry sponsored session

17.30 - 18.30  SAUNA meeting at Hotel

19.30    Dinner faculty together with our guests

Sunday, August 24

09.00 – 12.30   SFEP Scandinavian Plastic Surgery Master Golf

09.00 – 12.30 SFEP Scandinavian Plastic Surgery Master Golf.


Please send your name, and golf-handicap & -ID to

Heléne Fägerblad at

City Walk  or

Tour To Nobel Prize Winner Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka, Sunne

To Invited Lecturers

Please prepare your lecture for an USB-memory stick and hand it over to our technician in the very morning of your performance.

Guidelines for presentations within the Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery:

Material and issues must be clearly indicated.

Presentations shall be concise and initiated with clear conclusions.

Presentations should not contain too much text per slide.

The artwork must be dignified and images relevant to the petition.

Patient privacy must be considered.

Papers may be within the allotted time frame.

Time for discussion between the speakers and the audience will be.

Please share your thoughts in a survey about the use of

Fat transplantation in aesthetic surgery”

- anonymous of course - coming discussion at Congress - link below

Invitation for Abstracts

Dear plastic surgery colleagues, you are welcome to have your own presentation at the congress.

Submit Abstract to

SFEP Secretary-

The organization committe reserves the right to choose presentations and to shorten presentation time if needed.

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Breast surgery 
Fat Transplantation & Stem Cells
Face & Neck 
periorbital surgery
Free Papers Aesthetic surgery


Program at a Glance

SFEP 2014       

Organization Committee
Birgit Stark               President
Disa Lidman              Secretary
Per Alberius              Vice President
Jonas Röjdmark        Treasurer
Fredrik Gewalli         IT/Webmaster

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